Our Greek real estate portfolio features properties with superb potential and profit opportunities for investors, or indeed those looking for a holiday home away from the over developed, high density complexes, which have become “England in the Sun“ in some parts of the Mediterranean.

Greece, a full member of the EU, and with the Euro currency, is a promising area as regards property investment. It is a relative new comer to the overseas market, with hidden potentials and demonstrates a brilliant future, with its undiscovered areas and extremely competitive prices. There is an established, well developed modern infrastructure, and a predictable real estate market which achieved annual growth for 40 years (from the late 1960’s to recent years) in its own local market, without foreign investment. This, along with the most superb cuisine, friendliest of locals, widely spoken English and low crime rate, makes our selected regions of Greece highly attractive.


Greek Village House


Greek Village House



Medcoast Homes has a wide variety of beautiful homes on both mainland Greece and many of its glorious islands, including :-



Greece’s property market has experienced strong growth, remarkably property prices grew at an average of 106% in 6 years during this decade (figures from the Greek Survey Institute), with the growth on some of the holiday islands being yet greater.

Greek Villas Remain Resilient to Global Troubles

The Greek second home market has been largely resistant to the global and national economic crisis. "In all the turmoil that has embroiled; Greece in the past couple of months, real estate prices have remained stubbornly high," says Duncan Higgins of Caxton FX (click here to read full Telegraph report)


This blessed area of extraordinary beauty  attracts more than 14 million tourists, per summer season, each year .

Hotels and villa accommodation usually enjoy 100% summer bookings, demonstrating the opportunity for high yields from rental income for property investors. Please ask us to point out the properties which meet the standards of the Greek Tourist Board (EOT) so that you can apply for a licence and let your property on short term lettings officially. 

Our properties all offer attractive value for money with unique potential in an upcoming market. Developers are keeping prices low at the moment and banks are offering extra advantages, including upto 100% loan to value mortgages, which are easy to arrange, with pre-approval often being available from the UK.

All properties are built to European Regulations and Standards and the strict rules of the Greek General Construction Regulations with 15 year guarantees.

Designs have excellent finishes, many with a traditional stone built theme. All have astonishing locations, with stunning unobstructed sea and/or mountain views.




Adding to the famous Greek scenery, golden stretches of sand, sheltered bays and coves, safe beaches - amongst the best in the Mediterranean, and the equally famous summer climate, many locations also offer fantastic winter attractions. Boasting esquisite nature, Greece offers a unique diversity which includes skiing (with excellent modern facilities at various levels from children's/beginners to competititors), trekking and mountain activities, along with its cultural heritage such as museums, historical monuments and ancient cities spread around, steeped in mythology and history.


Along with our UK bilingual team at your disposal, our services include assistance with English speaking solicitors, Notary Officers (who are familiar with British law and systems to be able to explain the procedure and differences in the legal system), accountants and bank managers, thus aiding a simplified and hassle free process for our clients’ peace of mind.

Representing the major developers independently, we will be only too pleased to carry out a tailor made search, specific to your criteria, to ensure we locate your ideal property in Greece or the Greek islands




Greece property examples:-




Telegraph Property | Saturday, February 20, 2010
Imagine for one moment you have been planning to buy a property in Greece. Last summer, despite the unfavorable sterling -euro exchange rate, you spent-your holiday on the Athenian Riviera or in Crete and visited a couple of estate agents to sound out the local market But the prices were too high. A villa near the sea cost more than £250,000 in Crete and up to £3.5million outside Athens. You return home empty-handed and wait.
As the crisis surrounding Greece’s public finances unfolds, you breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't make an irrational, Retsina-fuelled purchase. Property development companies in Greece are collapsing and insolvency among builders is at a 10-year high. The residential housing market has come to a virtual standstill. You start searching the internet for a villa to rent in August. Surely now is the time to buy your Greek second home?
Not so fast... The Greek second home market has been largely resistant to the global and national economic crisis. "In all the turmoil that has embroiled; Greece in the past couple of months, real estate prices have remained stubbornly high," says Duncan Higgins of Caxton FX. "Since January 2009 prices have come down by just five per cent."
It is too soon for the effect of the public finance crisis on the property market to be felt. "It's going to be hard for some time," says Robert Key of Cluttons in Athens. "But I don't think prices will crash, the only falls we will see now will be for those who have a cash flow problem and have to sell."
Buyers are as nervous about Greece as any other overseas market. Second-home owners looking to sell up this spring will struggle. But, according to George Eliades of Quintessentially Estates in Athens, your property's value will increase in the long run. "After we have been stripped naked in front of the world, we will be more structured and values will go up."
Greece's second-home market was just taking off when the crisis hit in 2007, so there isn't the oversupply of properties as seen in Spain or Bulgaria. Most of the proposed large-scale second-home projects have been shelved. "Developments in Greece are small; usually about three to 10 houses. There are so many blockers and this protects the natural environment," says Key. But this has also protected house values. "Prices haven't dropped dramatically because of a lack of development,:' says Piers Williams of Aylesford.
Likewise, there has not been reduction in the rental prices of villas. According to hoIidaylettings.co.uk, in the past 30 days, Greece has had the 10th most enquiries per property in Europe. According to Williams, people will keep buying in Greece, whatever is happening in the economy. "There's nowhere in the world like the Greek islands and beach-front property is nowhere near as expensive as ill France. The market might be quiet for a couple of years, but you won't be making an unsafe investment."
Let us not forget Britain was similarly volatile situation a year ago. "Greece is effectively six months to a year behind Britain. We went into the crisis later and will come out of it later," says Key. "I'm from Norfolk and my family house has fallen more in value than my home in Athens."
Armed with this knowledge, should you proceed with your plans to buy in Greece? "If you regard it as a five-year investment, you won't go wrong," Key says.


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